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on the culture of creativity: collision of ideas

"genuine creativity needs a collision of ideas, something that will never happen if all your thoughts travel in the same direction."-ian gilbert

one of the funniest and best compliments—i have ever received—came from a peculiar friend, “neka, your ideas…i am surprised your head isn’t big.” at that moment she and i understood a few things about one another: I-we both had an affinity for searching and collecting information on just about any subject just because we loved to learn, II-we had the ability to share that information with one another until our ideas collided and III-a creative collaboration was born.


the culture of creativity is varied; yet, the collision of ideas (whether solely from expanding your individual knowledge on various subjects and contributing your ideas to society and/or sharing your knowledge and ideas with others and collaborating) has a profound way of impacting the creative and the masses. collaboration is a key element within the process; so, i encourage you to go forth and close the “global creativity gap"—access knowledge, create ideas and share it.

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